Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laws on wages of the employment of children

To prevent the exploitation of children who choose to work, there are several laws that the conditions and wages for smaller workers pay rules. What are the requirements of federal child labor laws Aufgaben.das age makes it illegal to rent an employee at the age of 14. Smaller workers 14 to 16 years, federal law limits security the minimum wage for minors workers.The is wages, hours and conditions.What that minimum wage applies minors of the Federal Republic after 90 days of employment. 90 Days the employer a minor employee may pay $4.25 per hour .Student learners Exception.Workers, the at least 16 years old and are employed by a professional training program or student learning program, it is forbidden, paid less than 75% of the Federal minimum wage. The student learning employer.Exceptions is on employers that students, the lease also relevant for students in full-time students time .Full industry courses 8 hours per day, 20 hours per week work are limited. You are also eligible for full-time students program that allows the worker student pay the employer 85% of the Federal minimum wage until the student is the school for good.Minor with disabilities.Minors, workers, have special needs or are otherwise classified as disabled sub minimum wages may be subjected. These wages must be proportionate to the wages of workers without disabilities are.

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