Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rights of migrant workers

Immigration law extended the right to work immigrant and immigrant visa holders in the United States. Students who enter the United States continue their studies, undergraduate or graduate education eligible would such as work part time. Illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants have no legal status and may not work. Employment authorization cards services be issued by the U.S. citizenship and immigration, to check the ability of immigrants that work legally. Dee a driver's license are similar in size and are usually valid for a year. TPSOne non-immigrant status is the status of temporary protection. GST is extended to persons from certain countries to suffer from terrible situations such as such as natural disasters. For example, after Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the Government us people of El El Salvador Nicaragua, Honduras GST status. GST offers no permanent legal status direct method, but allows owners GST to live in the United States and legally.TouristsTourists work are a different kind of Nonimmigrants, entitled are temporarily to travel across the country but not allowed to work. Tourists can hold a B Visa, border crossing or type from a country with a visa card. Countries participating in the visa waiver program are Denmark Germany, Monaco, the Sweden Australia. While the German can enter the United States without a tourist visa, get a work permit as H-1 b h 1BThe tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa, an employer must sponsor. Of foreign workers enjoys an H - 1B is allowed to work employer sponsorship in the United States. As a limit on H-1 visa (b) the trial bestehtSUS, a visa is competitive and can take several years.LPRLaCitizens are wful permanent residents of foreign countries which have established permanent resident status in the United States. All others are allowed to work and use LeurLPR card or social security and driver card license to the IllegallyMany status.Working immigrants to demonstrate, that have no legal status in the United States for employers not to accept questions the status or forged documents. Although undocumented immigrants can not legally work, can file complaints with the Ministry of work to start an investigation by their employers. All workers have the right, fraud, unfair wages and hazardous conditions.

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