Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rights of workers and layoffs

In 1988, Congress passed adjusting employment and retraining Notification Act (WARN), requires the reporting requirements for enterprises planning to layoffs. Make the work with 100 or more employees together, more than 4 000 hours in the week with the law must conform. ConditionsIf it is set on foot, a temporary closure of the plant or mass effect firing workers 50 or more, six months or more, or result in a reduction of 50 percent of each employee hours within a period of six months must be this applies.Notification EmployeesEmployees Act or their representatives 60 days notice it is temporary or temporary closure of the plant mass dismissal. State Dislocated Worker Unit must as well as the official local Government would be affected are informed as Mayor of the city where is chosen the annex to the Chairman. To determine the threshold of potentially licensed employees who may be affected by the movement to passengers in the SoldIf must be included, count.Company sold companies, sellers who inform employees, up to and including the date of sale is authorities. After the sale, the buyer must the staff and the authorities of any project to temporarily released, inform workers.

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