Sunday, December 12, 2010

Urine drug testing made

Urine analysis for the presence of drugs become commonplace in the workforce. Employers want, so that your employees are drug-free and urine analysis provides a good and accurate method for this market. There are some basic facts about screening drug urine should know. Sample topics CollectionTest provide a sample of urine, given in a laboratory test fees. According to the requirements of the test, the object will be example in private or in the observation of an employee of the installation. The container is sealed and the sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis.Testing MethodUrine where rule uses a method tests the chromatography mass spectrometry (GC - MS), gas to separate and to analyze the contents of urine. This method allows the laboratory depends on the type of drug found in the urine and its quantity.CostsUrine tests are one of the least expensive drug test methods. What makes the test very attractive for companies, the current test or effective high potential employees.AccuracyUrine tests and accurately test the presence of drugs. Tests of urine have also a longer period detection rule about two times longer tests.RecognitionUrine blood or saliva tests are capable of testing for almost any type of medication and have recently started to be used for the presence of alcohol.DrawbacksIt is vital to the success of a test urine sample to test is correctly stored prior to testing. If the example are contaminated or dilute the test result will be incorrect.

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