Sunday, December 19, 2010

Salary seizure & compensation

Laws to the attachment of wages and severance payments are determined by the Ministry of work of the United States. Attachment is technique if revenue from someone learned, legal proceedings, where it obtained a judgment against him. The money is granted after severance pay. Attachment LimitsAn employees may be terminated because of a garnishment of salary expectations despite the number of collections against him. Except in some cases seizures can not exceed 25% of the gross remuneration remuneration may period.Limit employee of ExceptionsGarnishments the limit of 25% deduction for maintenance for children, back taxes and bankruptcy. Support can be used for child up to 65% of revenues. No limits are for the bankruptcy or payments.Severance PayAccording were established by the Fair Labor Standards Act tax conditions for severance pay. This compensation results from an agreement between an employee and employer. It is based on time used an employee to the employer.

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