Sunday, December 12, 2010

Standards of the Alberta Labour Act

Labour standards are Alberta stated employment standards code that applies to most employees and employers with the exception of a municipal police members and their employers or those who exclude another by the Act. Farmers, agricultural and other workers farm certain provisions on overtime, general holidays, vacation pay, the employment of children and the minimum wage are not bound employees and employers. Payment and HoursUnder employment standards code, pay periods may no longer than one month and employees must be paid within 10 days after the end of the pay period. Staff a termination notice for termination pay or a combination of three days after the last day of work must be paid. Otherwise, have dismissed employees 10 days after their last day of work be paid, if the notice was necessary of its intention to withdraw and bearing in mind in this case the payment must be made three days. Wages must be paid in cash, check or direct deposit and can be reduced without get notification when the employees. Hours work must be within 12 hours, limited, unless there is an accident or other unforeseeable circumstances and employers not movements of workers without notice change 24 hours for a minimum of eight hours between layers. Employees must one paid or unpaid 30-minute break to movements get five hours or more and have employees go one day a week. Within a period of two weeks, you must obtain at least two days off the coast. Need three days off the coast and employer at least four days within three weeks work bereitstellen.s consecutive offshore for 24 consecutive days.OvertimeOvertime work for the hours of work over eight per day and 44 in a week applies and the employer have an additional minimum wage figures 1.5 times, when the employer and the employee agree on additional pay.Holidays VacationsGeneral replace nose the employee's regular rate paid off the coast for hours holiday time include year day, the Alberta family day Friday, holiday, Canada, day job, Thanksgiving, memory day and Christmas day. Some employees are eligible to receive a salary if you work on you for this holiday. Employees are allowed to receive holiday two weeks for each of the first four years of consecutive employment and three weeks per year after five years straight LeavePregnant employment.Maternity / parental that at least one year were worked for an organization claim to a maternity leave without pay amounting to 15 weeks that can start at any time in the 12 weeks before the expected delivery date. End after the maternity leave can up to 37 weeks to take parental leave. Employees can not be dismissed or have been less than three months has finished, while on maternity or parental leave.Termination and LayoffsTerminated employees generally must receive a termination of employment, notice of termination pay or a combination of both, are raised for cause, or for a period of 12 months, less precise were used in this case no notice is required. Notice of termination that a week is required for those who are employed for less than two years. This increases to a maximum of notice eight weeks of those who are for 10 years or more busy. We employersnigWind pay the equivalent salary for the notice of cancellation instead of notice. Wages cannot be changed after a notice of termination is given. Employers can temporarily dismissed employees up to 60 days must be served after the employment and compensation for the termination of employment. Employees have the intention to withdraw a notice of one week, justified if worked less than two years. Otherwise, notice must be two weeks must use given.Restrictions ChildrenEmployers no person deal with school school at any time during school hours Act or a person may, under the age of 15 years without the consent of a parent or guardian.

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